Why would I be a sponsor?

There are several reasons to sponsor a code beers event!

Code Beers is an open/community-driven event of software developers, so it isn’t aimed for general public…

Let’s say you are a company seeking for ninja developers, Code Beers could be a great opportunity to meet some excellent candidates.

In the other hand, if you are a company who sells software as a service it would be an excellent opportunity to find connections with the people who made such decisions inside the companies.

Anyway, you can always sponsor us just because you sympathize with the event itself.

How to sponsor?

Someone must pay the beer, so cash assistance is the mostly needed. Off course gifts like pens, stickers, coasters or discount coupons are also very welcome.

There is no form nor paper to fill, just send an e-mail to paulo@diovani.com and/or gabriel.molter@gmail.com telling us that you want to sponsor Code Beers and let’s talk about it.

You can also contact us by Twitter, on @paulodiovani or @gabriel_molter.

What a sponsor can do?

Every sponsor will be highlighted on the event website main page, having the logo and name provided for us properly highlighted, we would thank you and talk about your company during the event as well.

Every sponsor is also welcome to show its company information, product or project at the meeting, we will reserve a time especially for you to talk with the participants.

Take a look at our sponsor quotas for details.